District of Columbia

In the Regional Plan

These highlighted projects are in the CLRP (Financially Constrained Long-Range Transportation Plan), which means they have funding or are anticipated to be funded.

DC Streetcar: M Street SE/SW Line

Construct a streetcar line running from Good Hope Road SE, across the 11th Street Bridge, to M Street SE/SW, ending at Maine Avenue SW.

Cost: $250 million Completion: 2020

DC Streetcar: Union Station to Georgetown

Construct a streetcar line from H Street NE near Union Station, running along H Street NW to New Jersey Avenue NW, and continuing on K Street NW into Georgetown, ending at Wisconsin Avenue NW.

Cost: $348 million Completion: 2020

DC Streetcar: H Street/Benning Road Line

The H/Benning line will be the first segment of the new DC Streetcar system to offer passenger service. It will connect Union Station to the Benning Road Metro station along H Street NE.

Cost: $1.5 million Completion: 2015

DC Streetcar: Anacostia Segments

The Anacostia Initial Line Segment is a 1.1-mile planned streetcar line connecting the Anacostia Metro Station with the Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling (JBAB). A second phase currently under study will extend the line to the 11th Street Bridge.

Cost: $54 million Completion: 2012

South Capitol Street Bridge & Corridor

The South Capitol Street Corridor Project calls for building a new Frederick Douglass Memorial Bridge and transforming related sections of urban freeway into a beautiful scenic boulevard.

Cost: $820 million Completion: 2015

11th Street Bridge

This project will replace two bridges built in the 1960s with three new bridges that separate local and freeway traffic.

Cost: $390 million Completion: 2015

K Street Transitway

This reconstruction of K Street NW will create a new median and repurpose two traffic lanes that will be dedicated exclusively for transit use.

Cost: $90 million

Saint Elizabeth’s Campus Access Improvements

A package of improvements will provide car, bicycle, and pedestrian access to the St. Elizabeth's Hospital Campus in Southeast D.C.

Cost: $159 million Completion: 2014

Southeast Boulevard - 11th Street to Barney Circle

A segment of the Southeast Freeway will be converted to an urban boulevard.

Cost: $80 million Completion: 2015

Other Plans and Studies

Below are some high-profile projects that are not in the Regional Plan (i.e., not in the CLRP), which means they do not currently have funding plans or anticipated funding sources identified. However, they are featured District of Columbia plans and studies.

DC Streetcar System

The District of Columbia plans to build eight streetcar lines on 37 miles of track serving each of the city’s eight wards.

Long Bridge

The District Department of Transportation is studying potential capacity expansions for the Long Bridge, a two-track rail connection between D.C. and Virginia.