COSS: North-South Corridor

Project Description: 

The Commonwealth Transportation Board (CTB) in May 2011 established the Northern Virginia North-South Corridor as a new Corridor of Statewide Significance (CoSS).  It is one of 12 corridors that have been defined throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia.  The North-South Corridor is intended to be an integrated, multimodal transportation network that connects major centers of activity.

The Corridor, which is approximately 45 miles, is defined in three sections roughly following these alignments:

- Route 234 (Dumfries Road) between I-95 and I-66

- The Bi-County Parkway between I-66 and Route 50; and

- Northern connection to the Dulles Greenway and Route 7 along Northstar Boulevard and Route 659 (Belmont Ridge Road).

The Master Plan for the Corridor, which was completed in 2013, recommends an alternative that combines HOT/HOV facilities, general purpose roadways, transit and multi-use trails.  The Master Plan emphasizes that its recommended alternative is consistent with local and regional plans. For example, TransAction 2040, Northern Virginia's long-range transportation plan, calls for a package of various improvements in a western arc stretching from I-95 to I-270 in Maryland. The corridor is loosely defined and was given a broad cost estimate of $2 billion.

The Bi-County Parkway (formerly the Tri-County Parkway), which is the middle section of the North-South Corridor, is already included in the region's Constrained Long-Range Plan (see separate description on this website).