DC Streetcar: H Street/Benning Road Line

District of Columbia
$1.5 million
Year of Completion: 
Project Description: 

The District Department of Transportation has started construction of a streetcar system.  The H Street/Benning Road segment of this system will connect to Metrorail in two locations -- Benning Road Metro Station and Union Station -- and will run along H Street NE.  This streetcar line will be 2.4 miles long and will include electrically-powered vehicles that operate along street-level tracks. When passenger service begins, Benning Road and Oklahoma Avenue will serve as the eastern turnaround point. The western turnaround is on top of the Hopscotch Bridge, where passengers can disembark and follow a pedestrian path into Union Station.

DDOT is planning for future phases of the line to extend to the east and west.  A western phase would pick up at Union Station and travel to the Georgetown Waterfront, primarily along K Street. An eastern extension would continue streetcar service farther east along Benning Road from the current planned termini to either the Benning Road or Minnesota Avenue Metro stations.

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