Momentum: Strategic Plan, 2013-2025

Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority
$6 billion
Year of Completion: 
Project Description: 

Metro’s strategic plan starts with safety as the highest priority, and emphasizes the importance of maximizing the current transit network by utilizing every bit of capacity available. Metro proposes the following initiatives be implemented by 2025:

- Operate all eight-car trains (longest possible) during rush hour by acquiring additional railcars, power capacity, and railcar storage.

- Expand or enhance high-volume rail transfer stations in the Metro system core to ease congestion for existing customers and to accommodate more riders in the future. Build new underground pedestrian connections between select stations such as the Farragut Stations or Metro Center/Gallery Place.

- Enhance and make bus service faster by completing the Priority Corridor Network (PCN), which outlines a variety of improvements that allow buses to bypass traffic congestion.

- Seek to restore peak period Blue Line service between Pentagon and Rosslyn stations through the construction of underground tracks.

- Become a one-stop shop for all regional transit trip planning, and payment for the region's 15 transit systems. Upgrade communications systems for better, more accurate and audible information for riders.

- Expand bus fleet and storage/maintenance facilities along growing corridors.

- Build new rail infrastructure, such as pocket tracks and crossovers, to improve service for customers and provide more flexibility in the system.