District of Columbia Six-Year Planning

In the fall, the District Deparment of Transportation (DDOT) assembles the six-year State Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP). 

You can find more information on the STIP, including public comment opportunities and draft documents, on the DDOT website

D.C.’s fiscal year, like the federal government’s, begins in October (unlike Maryland and Virginia whose fiscal years begin in July). In October, DDOT begins to develop its draft TIP based upon a call for new projects, and a review and update of commitments in the previous year’s TIP.

New projects are recommended from a variety of sources, including businesses, citizens and neighborhoods. Projects also originate through the District government itself, including the DC Council, the Economic Development Office of the mayor, and the planners who work in the eight wards of the city. DDOT uses a number of systematic methods to identify needs, including community outreach forums, safety and asset management systems, and targeted outreach to stakeholder groups, such as the Business Improvement Districts.

In January, the City Administrator reviews proposed capital and operating budgets for the District government, which includes the draft TIP, and then passes the budgets on to the mayor. After further review and revision, the mayor submits the six-year TIP to the D.C. Council, usually in March. The D.C. TIP includes both locally and federally funded capital projects.

In April, the D.C. Council convenes a Committee of the Whole Public Briefing to review the mayor’s fiscal year proposed budget and financial plan, which includes the six-year TIP. The D.C Council holds this hearing as a public hearing to review the draft TIP, which it can amend.

In late spring or early summer, the D.C. Council approves the D.C. TIP. The Council, acting as a state legislature, must approve the TIP as part of the District budget. But unlike the states, the District of Columbia must go through one more step in developing its six-year transportation program—Congressional approval.

In the summer, the District presents its capital budget, including the six-year TIP, to Congress for approval every summer. After a review process, Congress enacts the District’s budget as part of the federal appropriations process.

"Capital Bikeshare Station Installation - 14th & U St NW," by DDOT DC on Flickr.