Plans and Studies


The region's primary long-range transportation plan is known as the Constrained Long-Range Transportation Plan (CLRP). It is a comprehensive plan of transportation projects and strategies that the TPB realistically anticipates can be implemented over the next 25 to 30 years. The TPB updates the CLRP every year.  

Each year, the TPB collects lists of projects from Virginia, Maryland, the District of Columbia and WMATA for inclusion in the CLRP.  In order to receive federal funding, transportation projects must be included in the CLRP.   

Two federal requirements guide the development of the CLRP:

  • Financial constraint – According to federal law, the CLRP may only include projects that the region can afford to build, operate and maintain. The states and WMATA must show that funding for projects is “reasonably anticipated to be available.”
  • Air quality conformity – Through technical analysis, the TPB must show that the projects in the CLRP, when considered collectively, meet federal Clean Air Act requirements.  This analysis, called a “conformity finding,” ensures the CLRP conforms to air quality improvement goals.

You can find more information about the CLRP, including the annual schedule for development, at the CLRP/TIP website.

The website also provides information on public involvement opportunities for the CLRP/TIP and the TPB process in general.

The Regional Transportation Priorities Plan (RTPP)

The Regional Transportation Priorities Plan is a new policy framework for transportation decision making in the National Capital Region. Approved by the Transportation Planning Board (TPB) in January 2014, the Priorities Plan identifies strategies with the greatest potential to respond to our region’s most significant transportation challenges. It aims to identify those strategies that are “within reach” both financially and politically—recognizing the need for pragmatism in an era of limited financial resources and a lack of political will to raise significant amounts of new revenue.

Other plans and studies

In addition to the CLRP, the TPB conducts a variety of plans and studies.  These include plans focused on specific transportation modes (such as Bicycle/Pedestrian or Freight) and scenario analyses of alternative future visions for the region.  The TPB also conducts regular studies of current conditions and forecasted trends.   You can get more information about the range of these planning activities at the TPB’s website.