Transportation Planning in Fairfax County

"Looking west down Route 7 from atop the Greensboro Station," by Fairfax County on FlickrFairfax County’s transportation planning is coordinated between County Department of Planning and Zoning and the County Department of Transportation.

Comprehensive Planning

The Fairfax County Department of Planning and Zoning is responsible for developing and updating the county’s Comprehensive Plan, which lays out the county’s long-range objectives for growth and development, including transportation facilities and programs. Virginia state law requires counties to develop comprehensive plans to be used as guides for county decision-making about the natural and built environment. The Comprehensive Plan includes four Area Plans with detailed long-range planning recommendations organized by geographic areas of the county.

Countywide Transportation Planning

The Comprehensive Plan contains a Transportation Plan with maps of future projects and policy guidance for implementation. Recognizing the pressures of growth and changing demographics in Fairfax, the Transportation Plan calls for a reduction in reliance on automobile travel and better coordination of land use decisions and transportation planning within the county and the region as a whole. The plan says that regional and local efforts should focus on planning and developing a variety of transportation options. Sidewalks, trails and on-road bicycle routes should be developed as alternate transportation facilities leading to mass transit, high density areas, public facilities and employment areas.

Plans for Specific Locations and Transportation Modes

In addition to overseeing the Comprehensive Plan, the Department of Planning and Zoning conducts a range of focused studies and plans that provide direction and guidance for transportation development. For example, the Transforming Tysons project is providing direction for the development of Tysons Corning into a walkable, sustainable, urban center.

The Fairfax County Department of Transportation (FCDOT) develops a variety of transportation-specific plans and studies such as the Fairfax County Transit Development Plan.

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Operations and Maintenance

The county has very limited responsibility for maintaining public roads. Generally, if a road has a route number associated with it (such as the Fairfax County Parkway - Route 7100), it is maintained by the state through VDOT. Many private roads are maintained by businesses, apartment/condo complexes, homeowner/civic associations or residents.

The Fairfax County Department of Transportation (FCDOT) operates the county transit system, the Fairfax Connector.

Northern Virginia Transportation Planning

The Northern Virginia Transportation Authority ties together the transportation priorities of Northern Virginia’s jurisdictions, including Fairfax, in its long-range plan. The most recent version of this plan, TransAction 2040, was aproved in 2012.

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"Looking west down Route 7 from atop the Greensboro Station," by Fairfax County on Flickr.